Panel mounted multi-pole slide switch with patent-pending switching mechanism

Powerslides (PresseBox) (Tuningen, ) The ITW-ERG Power-Slide series offers a low cost and more efficient way of switching higher currents by avoiding the need of using low voltage switches with relays or contactors.

Supplied as standard with either 6 single or 3 double poles with Z form contacts it can be configured to customer requirements using single and double pole actuators used in any combination. It employs reliable switching using tried and tested standard type 16 micro-switch technology to give switching of up to 10 amps per pole at 250VAC.

Fitted with multi color sliders and numbered poles allows quick set up and adjustment, each slider having deep "V" slots to securely locate any operating probes. Easy installation is made possible using solder tag connections or 2.8mm x 0.5mm fast-on connectors and panel mounting holes.

A choice of three body colors (specials on request) and a free choice of individual slider colors makes this product an attractive choice for multiple high current switching applications.


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