afseco GmbH presents priMio™-PocketDesigner - the application generating tool for Windows Mobile PC's

(PresseBox) (Krailling, ) priMio™-PocketDesigner was developed for Windows Mobile PC's to allow any user to create his own database application without knowledge of programming languages. With priMio™-PocketDesigner it is possible to create form based applications for your PDA with Microsoft Windows Mobile operating systems 2002 or 2003. With it's powerful features you can design applications from the scratch even including functional logics based on formulas and events.
Main features are:
o Create and manage as many applications as you want (just limited
to available memory)
o Create as many as desired tables per application
o Create as many as desired forms per application
o Integrate as many tabs per form as needed and define records to
shown in a grid or as a form
o Free definition of list of values and individual search dialogs
o Create and link events to application objects (e.g. field, tab or
o Create and link formulas to events. Formulas can even include SQL-
Statements such as "Select", "Insert", "Update" or "Delete"
o Reporting with flexible search-functions is automatically created
o Synchronise your applications database with Microsoft ActiveSync

In a short time it's possible to create your own form-based database application, independent whether it's for managing your CD's or to use as order entry application for your agents.
priMio™-PocketDesigner is currently the only programming-tool for Windows Mobile PC's that allows any user to create his own database applications simply by defining tables and forms. The integrated use of formulas and events allows you to specify internal logic, e.g. auto number, fetch values by use of select statements and so on.

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