For easy operation and message handling via GPRS: Bosch's Easy Series alarm panel goes on Mobile Internet

Bosch’s Easy Series alarm panel goes on Mobile Internet Bosch Security Systems is extending its Easy Series alarm panels with Mobile Internet connectivity (PresseBox) (Ottobrunn, ) .
- Connects to GPRS network for alarm transmission and remote control via wireless Internet
- Remote access from any PC with GPRS Internet connection
- High security alarm transmission for projects without wired telephone or network connection

Bosch Security Systems is extending its Easy Series alarm panels with Mobile Internet connectivity. Now the system can also be connected to a monitoring center or to any other PC with RPS software via a Mobile Internet connection with the help of an Easy Series GPRS network interface card. For this service an appropriate data service from a GSM service provider is recommended, e.g. Cooperate Data Access (CDA) from Vodaphone. CDA offers high security for protected closed user groups in the Internet. User name, password protection as well as Internet connection via protected IP tunnel (VPN) avoid external threats. All users have a fixed IP address, therefore remote control via GPRS is possible.

Mobile Internet connectivity offers the important benefit of allowing the connection to be monitored continuously, an interruption of this connection being detected and reported in less than 5 minutes. It is thus an extremely effective means of providing reliable supervision of objects in areas that do not have wired telephone or network connections.

The system can be easily armed or disarmed and its status determined via any computer connected to the Internet by using RPS. Voice messages are available in 35 languages and the language can be changed by changing the voice module.

The system is EN 50131 Grade-2 tested and operates with wired and/or wireless wLSN peripherals. As well as operating with intrusion alarm systems, Easy Series can also operate automatic smoke detectors, water and temperature sensors and any other malfunction detectors. It can also be used for convenience features such as lighting control, control of garage doors or roller shutters. All these functions can now also be operated remotely via internet connection. The new Easy Series alarm panel is intended for apartments, houses, doctors' surgeries and smaller storage areas.


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