Spectrum Detector, Inc. Introduces a number of Large Area, 25 mm diameter Pyroelectric Joulemeter Probes

New Joulemeter probes can measure from 2 µJ to 200 mJ, 1 to 40kHz and DUV to Far IR
The two new Joulemeter probes can measure from 2 µJ to 200 mJ, 1 to 40kHz and DUV to Far IR (PresseBox) (Wessling, ) Spectrum Detector, Inc., a leading manufacturer of laser diagnostic instruments, today introduced two new models of their "delta" Joulemeter Probes. Model DPJ-25-OB which features a black absorbing coating for flat spectral response across the spectrum and model DPJ-25-DC which includes a fast, diffuse metallic coating and is capable of pulsed measurements in excess of 40,000 pps. Both probes are directly compatible with Spectrums delta-DPM USB based Digital Power Module which includes powerful LabView Applications Software.

"These new large area delta Joulemeter probes expand our line of USB based laser pulse energy detectors to better accommodate the wide variety of pulse lasers that exist today" said Don Dooley, president of Spectrum Detector. "We expect continued developments in this area with a goal of both high rep rate and high damage threshold".

Each smart, Joulemeter probe includes a fast, integrating circuit, a thermistor for active temperature compensation and an EPROM where the calibration and wavelength correction factors are stored. They are designed for use with our delta-APM Analog Power Module to achieve the maximum useable pulse rep rate (40 kHz) or our delta-DPM USB Digital Module to create a single or dual channel, "plug and play" Digital Energy Meter.

About Spectrum Detector:

Spectrum Detector, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of standard and custom detectors, electronics and instruments for measuring optical power and energy. The company offers a wide range of advanced solutions including LiTaO3 pyroelectric detectors, broadband pyroelectric radiometers, silicon and germanium radiometers, pyroelectric and silicon joulemeters, optical and thermal TRAP detectors and THz detectors and instruments. The company also excels at customer service, providing custom engineered detectors and instruments, turnkey optical test sets, NIST traceable calibration in watts and joules and responsive technical support.

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