dass IT releases an API and SOAP configuration interface for GroundWork Monitor and Nagios

GroundWork Monitor is an Open Source application, which among other things provides a comfortable web tool to configure Nagios. This web tool is complemented by the PERL API "dassmonarch" -- an interface for programmers -- developed by dass IT. dass IT al
dass IT Logo (PresseBox) (Cologne, ) System monitoring is gaining increasing weight in the IT landscape – most importantly in the area integration of inventory and configuration databases, ticket systems and system monitoring solutions.

dass IT provides an elementary building block with its release of the API interface for GroundWork and Nagios configuration. The interface eases the integration of other system management products into the leading Open Source Monitoring System GroundWork.

Initiator for the development of the PERL API was dass IT's reference customer INFOnline in Bonn, Germany.

Triggering the use of GroundWork were the bulky configuration files of Nagios and the fact, that INFOnline was already recording data of all IT systems in a database. GroundWork is a suitable web tool, which offers profiles in order to configure all classes of hosts and services. The monitored systems were under permanent change by customer interaction. INFOnline therefore requested an automated adjustment in GroundWork.

In order to meet the requirement dass IT developed the PERL class dassmonarch. All custom specific adjustments could therefore be done. The database is being read and analyzed by a separate script, which then performs the mapping between all necessary hosts and profiles in GroundWork with the use of dassmonarch.

dassmonarch is published under GPL and can be downloaded here: http://www.dass-it.de/...

The API is replenished with a SOAP interface for a satellite communication service provider in the USA. The customer is now able to make GroundWork configuration adjustments remotely. The customer evaluates data from his present configuration database in order to modify the GroundWork configuration remotely by scripts to the up to date situation.

The dassmonarch SOAP interface can be obtained right now through dass IT, GroundWork Exchange or GroundWork Reseller.

About INFOnline
INFOnline measures approx. 11 billion page impressions monthly and covers thereby 90% of the internet use in Germany. More than 1.500 users work with INFOnline tools and analyses. dass IT supports INFOnline in the fields of Linux Servers and infrastructure monitoring with Nagios. More information: http://www.infonline.de/

About GroundWork
GROUNDWORK Monitor complements Nagios and other Open Source components with a comfortable web interface, a database connection and comprehensive reporting tools. dass IT as GROUNDWORK Partner supports you in the matter of conception and implementation. More information at http://www.groundworkopensource.com/...


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