Revolutionary Handheld Raman Analyzers: Pervasive Raman Spectroscopy has Arrived

Winner of the Industrie Preis 2009 nomination award, BaySpec, Inc., a leading supplier of spectral engines for the telecom, biomedical, industrial, pharmaceutical, and scientific communities, has introduced a suite of 3rd generation handheld Raman Analyze
Revolutionary Handheld Raman Analyzer (PresseBox) (Wessling, ) The SafeInspec-0TM measures 110x190x54mm3 weighing a mere 2 lbs. The 785nm version is shipping in volume. The SafeInspec-0TM is part of an expanding line of Raman instruments, built around BaySpec's ruggedized spectral engine designs. The SafeInspec-1TM weighs 5 lbs. with its full touch screen PC. The SafeInspect product line features no moving parts, high efficiency Volume Phase Gratings (VPGs), narrowband fiber laser, sensitive probe interface, low power consumption battery operation, and an easy-to-use output to on-board or external PC or Smart Phone.

1st Generation FT-IR Raman Systems were limited to laboratory instruments. 2nd Generation Analyzers, although portable, were costly and struggled with repeatability. BaySpec's 3rd Generation devices delivers highly repeatable results in a sleek handheld battery-operated package. High reliability (MIL STD 810F shock and vibration) is achieved through a rugged mechanical design with no moving parts based on Volume Phase Gratings (VPG®) - the same components used in today's head-up fighter jet displays. Periodic calibration is not required. A convenient Windows(r)-based Handheld PC is included for ease of use and familiarity.

* Can identify both commonplace and rare chemicals through glass, plastic, transparent- and even translucent- materials
* Ergonomic and light-weight
* Single-handed or wireless hands-free analysis
* Can accurately identify chemicals in mixtures with low concentrations
* Easy to use "Spec 2020" Windows-based software included
* Pre-calibrated for life to ensure operational accuracy
* Non-destructive testing preserves samples for additional tests and/or as evidence

With over 15,000 spectral engines in the field, BaySpec designs units for long-life and high repeatability, enabling the promise of widespread Raman technology to the market.

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