Matrox VDA-1164 Now Compatible with eyevis EYE-LCD6400-4K 64” Display for Security Control Rooms

The display solution for small and medium sized control rooms
(PresseBox) (Reutlingen, ) Matrox Graphics Inc., the leading manufacturer of specialized graphics solutions, and eyevis, the leading provider of large-scale display solutions for control rooms, are pleased to announce the EYE-LCD6400-4K 64” display is now compatible with the Matrox VDA-1164.

Using advanced dual GPU technology, the Matrox VDA-1164 Video Decoding Accelerator is capable of delivering multiple live camera feeds in native resolution to the EYE-LCD6400-4K display, which has a total diagonal screen size of 64" and pin-sharp 4K-resolution (4,096 x 2,160 pixels). The Matrox VDA uniquely offloads the system CPU from the video decoding burden, making it ideal for security stations used to monitor and control large-scale IP surveillance networks.

“Matrox is pleased to continue its long-standing partnership with eyevis by supporting the impressive EYE-LCD6400-4K, the latest display from the EYE-LCD Series,” says Alain Thiffault, Business Development Manager, Matrox Graphics Inc. “With the Matrox VDA powering this ultra-widescreen display, security operators will be able to view more streams of high-quality video at full frame rate to readily face all challenges in any high-security environment.”

With the new 4k x 2k LCD panel and its 64-inch screen diagonal, eyevis presents an ultra high-resolution display with more than 4 x HD resolution. In comparison to a standard HD 65-inch panel, the image density of the new EYE-LCD6400-4Kanel is twice as high at 85 ppi. The new display also proves its value through its excellent image performance: a billion colors with an NTSC value of 84% ensure natural image reproduction, while modern ASV technology provides a viewing angle of 176° in all directions. This extremely high resolution LCD can display images from numerous security cameras at full resolution, and in parallel on one screen. Presentation in 8.8 million pixels allows for exact interpretation of any high-resolution image from within the control room environment.

“The VDA solution not only gives us a powerful hardware option to decode IP streams from cameras/encoders, but also works with critical applications on our new 4K, hi-res display”, says Mark Schmidt, IT Director at eyevis. “Since the streams are decoded by the hardware, the 4K system now has resources to feed the display with critical and performance-intensive IP surveillance application like maps or SCADA images. Of course, the VDA solution also supports the complete eyevis display range and is fully integrated in our eyecon wall management Software.”


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