Panasonic is sponsoring the Beatbox Battle World Championship 2009, taking place in Berlin, Germany from May 28th until 1st June

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- Panasonic is sponsoring the Beatbox Battle World Championship 2009, taking place in Berlin, Germany from May 28th until 1st June
- The sponsorship follows the recent Lumix TZ7 ad campaign, which features two world-class beatboxers, Baba Israel and Kid Lucky.
- Kid Lucky will be one of the referees at the World Championship event, which will see over 140 international artists from more than 30 countries competing to be the coveted winners of the Advancement Class, Team Beatbox or Female Beatbox categories

Panasonic Europe has announced its sponsorship of the upcoming Beatbox Battle World Championship, which takes place in Germany at the 2BE Club am Hauptbahnhof (Berlin-Central Station) from May 28th until 1st June 2009.

The event will highlight the skills, creativity, unique styles and beats of Beatboxers from around the world. Panasonic's support of the Championship closely follows the participation of two world-class beatboxers in a recent Lumix TZ7 ad campaign.

The ad, which positions the Lumix DMC-TZ7 as the perfect travel companion highlights the camera's ability to capture both still images and videos in 'HD Lite' quality when it shows the Statue of Liberty dancing to the rhythm of Beatboxing.


'Working on the commercial was a blast! It was great to vibe with my long-time friend/beatboxer Kid Lucky. The director treated us like true artists and created a classic/magical New York experience. Beatboxing is powerful, it can even make the Statue of Liberty get down!

'As a traveling artist I am always looking to document my performances, workshops, and jam sessions. I plan to use the Lumix TZ7 to do just that. Its combination of portability and HD quality make it perfect!'
Baba Israel Beatboxer

'At Panasonic, we believe that exploring creativity and sharing musical and artistic interests should hold no barriers. We are delighted to be involved in such an exciting event as the Beatbox Battle World Championship 2009 and wish all of the contestants the best of luck.'
Andrea Rinnerberger, Director European Communication Centre, Panasonic Marketing Europe

"It was hard work to find all the international beatboxing artists and supporters to help us organise the Beatbox Battle World Championship in Berlin, but with the support of Panasonic our dream has become a reality. Beatboxing is growing increasingly popular and Panasonic's recognition of its importance in today's youth culture is paramount to helping an event like this be the success it deserves to be."
BeeLow, Beatbox Battle World Championship

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