Weidmüller "News 2009 / 2010" / A comprehensive and informative news catalogue about innovations in the field of electronics and electrical connectivity for machine and plant engineering

New edition of a successful catalogue design
Weidmüller (PresseBox) (Detmold, ) Weidmüller presents the catalogue "News 2009 | 2010", taking on the successful concept of its precursors which had been well received on the market. "News 2009 | 2010" shows a modern design being compact and clearly arranged. Along with a new layout it offers the favourable combination of both, informative magazine and comprehensive catalogue.

Unlike classical catalogues about new products, this catalogue does not only offer its readers general information about new products, but also additional details as well as comprehensive technical data and pictures. Customers and interested readers thus come to know all interesting facts about 20 new products in the field of electronics and electrical connectivity. The new products fit perfectly in Weidmüller's broad range of components for the connection, transmission and conditioning of energy, signals and data.

All relevant information about the products, like technical data and catalogue numbers, are presented in a userfriendly way thus facilitating purchase orders and avoiding tiresome search processes. Simultaneously, Weidmüller presents an issue of "News 2009 | 2010" on its website www.weidmueller.com, linking the new products with the product catalogue, so that the customer can directly contact Weidmüller for any request.

Additional information (www.weidmueller.com)


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