Laser 2000 presents PYREOS : IR sensor arrays with any pixel size and any resolution

Laser 2000 is pleased to announce an exclusive distributorship with PYREOS in France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria
Unique thin film pyroelectric IR sensor components (PresseBox) (Wessling, ) Pyreos thin film MEMs based infrared sensor products are available in a variety of form factors to suit the individual needs of our customers. Pyreos has the only pyroelectric technology that offers full design control over the sensor performance and the sensor size. This creates new opportunities for IR product developers.

This pyroelectric sensor arrays can add value to your IR based products no matter what the application you are focused on. These unique permanently poled thin film PZT arrays have a combination of performance, cost and form factor that is unmatched by any existing IR technology that you may be familiar with.

Pyreos was founded in July 2007 by Jeff Wright, Scott Freeborn, and Carsten Giebeler to take advantage of the growing opportunity for advanced infrared sensor array technology in improved motion and occupancy detectors, lower cost infrared cameras and spectroscopy/analytical equipment. PYREOS is located in Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.
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• Motion and Occupancy Detectors
• Flame Detectors
• People Counting & Tailgating
• Spectroscopy and Gas Detection
• Infrared Cameras


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