Contracts for Construction and Engineering Projects in English

HDT-Fachseminar vermittelt hervorragende Basis für Verständnis englischsprachiger Vertragspartner und Verträge im Anlagenbau und Bauwesen
(PresseBox) (Essen, ) This seminar on February 25 - 26 2010 and June 24 - 25 2010 and November 10-11 2010 in Essen is designed to assist people in engineering and construction business confronted with contracts and contract documents based on the Anglo-American (or "Common Law") style. Participants will learn something of the legal background to contracts and at the same time be introduced to the special "Legal English" terminology often used in contract and contract negotiations.The seminar is held in English so that participants can learn, develop and activate their English language skills.

Participants have reported how the seminar provides a general introduction to the Anglo-American concept of a contract so that the participants soon became aware of a definite "aha effect" in relation to misunderstandings and problems already experienced. The participants also praised the "easytofollow" introduction to the subject, the way the individual components were structured as well as the presentation of the material by the moderator Stuart G. Bugg, B.A., LLB (Hons), M.Jur (Dist)., Barrister (New Zeeland), Solicitor (England & Wales), Augustin & Bugg, Recht Law Mediation. Stuart Bugg's legal work has involved a broad range of contract areas, including those related to construction projects and civil works.


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