Corporate Publishing's New Web 2.0 Look

Companies are increasingly integrating multimedia content in their business documents and in doing so rely on the support of Callaghan Consulting Solutions
(PresseBox) (München, ) YouTube, social media platforms and online newspapers use multimedia to ensure that information is transmitted in a way which is faster and easier to grasp. In doing so the internet is changing the expectations of information seekers and this, in turn, is leading to changing demands in the area of business documents. A pioneer in this space, Callaghan Consulting Solutions (CCS) helps companies meet the new demands of corporate publishing with its innovative Multimedia Documents. Leading companies such as the global audit and advisory firm Deloitte, EDA technology leader Cadence and basan, an international cleanroom supplier, are already using CCS's multimedia documents to better communicate with an increasingly multimediasavvy Web 2.0 audience.

Client Feedback: Deloitte und Cadence talk about their experience with Multimedia Documents:

Bringing Business Documents to Life

Multimedia Documents are an innovative way to enhance the impact of marketing documents (such as brochures), business plans, annual reports, press releases, white papers, presentations and even business cards. These powerful documents (which are produced as offline PDF or EXE files for PC and Mac) included video embedded in the text, interactive links to websites or other documents, popup information, easy navigation tools and interactive feedback forms. All of these tools help Multimedia Documents to grab and keep the reader's attention while delivering messages and ideas in a way which words alone cannot.

Click here to view and internet-based guided tour of Multimedia Documents:

Supporting the Evolution of Business Documents

As business documents evolve from the traditional, textonly variety into interactive Multimedia Documents, CCS is focused on providing a fullservice solution to its clients. CCS not only creates the video and the documents, but more importantly works with its clients on ideas and scripts and advises them on how they can best communicate with their target audiences using multimedia. In doing so CCS bridges the gap for clients who are interested in using the power of multimedia in their documents and on their websites, but at the same time often have limited experience with this relatively new form of corporate communication.

'A big part of our job is helping customers realize the potential of multimedia in their everyday communication with customers and employees,' says Chris Callaghan, the founder of CCS. 'What customers want to know is how to better personalize their dialogue with an audience which is overloaded with information and how they can do this in a way which is affordable. This is where CCS really excels- finding customized multimedia strategies for businesses.'

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New Service: The Multimedia Report Card

The Multimedia Report Card assesses the current status of a company's creation and deployment of corporate multimedia assets and identifies opportunities for improvement. Particular focus is placed on an evaluation of current multimedia assets and what types of multimedia (i.e. videos for websites, social networks, Multimedia Docs) can be created in order to raise a company's profile and facilitate a better relationship between a company and its customers, partners, investors, employees and the media. At the end of this review CCS delivers its practical recommendations which clients can implement in order to improve their performance. In offering the Multimedia Report Card CCS now covers the entire spectrum of innovative corporate multimedia and publishing solutions.


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