People Zapping: Chatroulete for events

Meet likeminded strangers at online events
Meet likeminded people via video chat (PresseBox) (Weimar, ) Chatroulette, a website that connects random strangers via video chat, has been receiving a lot of buzz. However, many times one does not find people one seriously wants to chat with. Finding a common topic to start a conversation is very difficult when you do not know anything about your chat partner's interests. Thus, many times users simply enjoy flicking through chat partners without ever exchanging "hi".

People Zapping, a live video chat platform financed and supported by Prof. Brandenburg, the famous brain behind the mp3 format, allows users to broadcast live events and to have online visitors connect randomly with other folks in the online audience. Fans can meet fans and discuss and share their thoughts via video voice chat or text, without having met before.

Jan Kegelberg, CEO of People Zapping explains: "We want to connect strangers based on common interests and offer them tools to move from a first contact to becoming friends. The web offers this new possibility to meet strangers without revealing private information. This offers a huge potential to find like minded people."

People Zapping will soon release version 3.0 which will allow users to contact strangers through text chat connects and to establish friendship with people they meet.

The video broadcast and video chat functionality can easily be embedded into any other website. Visitors can also embed the chat application, hence, virally spreading their favorite place across the web and to establish multiple entry points to the same chat room.

"The company behind People Zapping, the Ambitious Bytes GmbH has a patent pending on the principle of connecting users randomly via video chat in the US and Europe and is planning on developing consumer and business products based on the principle."


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