SeeBA withdrawel resigned

W2E own all shares of "their" company
(PresseBox) (Rostock, ) The company ‘SeeBA Energiesysteme GmbH’ with their registered office in Stemwede, Germany and Mr. Michael Timmermann as private person hold at last a quota of 25.2% of the German limited liability company ‘W2E Wind to Energy GmbH’ (referred to as the “W2E”). At the end of the year 2008 W2E has bought in a first step a quota of 5.2% from Mr. Michael Timmermann as strategically fa-vorable step to hold the extraordinary majority of three-fourths beside the other shareholders. Following this transaction W2E has recently bought in a second step the remaining quota of 20% from the SeeBA Energiesysteme GmbH.
Indeed the companies signed a notarized offer to buy the relevant shares (as op-tion) to a determined purchase price.
W2E was under respect of their strong financial and economical situation in the state and position to perform their strategically aim during these days: The com-pany and their acting persons own henceforth all the shares of W2E, a minority interest from a third person or company is no longer been given. All decisions etc. will be from now on decided “in” the Company.


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