ICY BOX with USB 3.0 - Connected for the Future

Already a broad Product Portfolio - CeBIT: Hall 16, Booth A30
Left: ICY BOX IB-RD4320StU3 - a RAID-enclosure for two 3.5 (PresseBox) (Ahrensburg, ) Technology of peripheral data transfer is right now taking off for a big leap. The leap from USB 2.0 to USB 3.0 which most likely will be the standard for data transfer in professional as well as in private spheres. Even in December 2009 had delivered the first HDD enclosures and controller cards.

USB 3.0 with its theoretical bandwidth of 5.0 Gbit/s has the potential to become the sole future standard for peripheral data transfer. How fast is USB 3.0 really? Today it is the old hardware like motherboard and HDD which retards the speed of USB 3.0. But with the PCI-express card ICY BOX IB-AC604 our HDD enclosures perform triple data-transfer speeds compared to USB 2.0. That's more or less what you get from eSATA. That's a big gain. For thousands of users it is a good reason already to own an ICY BOX with USB 3.0. As USB 3.0 is downward compatible there is no reason to wait for the new PC with USB 3.0. Thus there is a lot of good reasons for us to enlarge our portfolio of HDD enclosures with USB 3.0. Even now our list is quite impressing:

A special USB 3.0 enclosure for a 2.5" HDD: fine metal surface and a shock absorbing tray inside. HDD mounting without screws. Available from end of April.
Rec. retail price: Euro 39.00.

A special USB 3.0 enclosure for a 2.5" HDD: fine metal surface and a shock absorbing
silicon tray inside. Available from end of March.
Rec. retail price: Euro 26.90.

Also in the field of professional use USB 3.0 will succeed. ICY BOX already comes out with a RAID enclosure for two 3.5" SATA HDDs. RAID 1, 0 and JBOD.


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