Pro-Domains with one, two and three letters

Pro-Domain: Short names to be used as acronyms (PresseBox) (Koeln, ) Interested parties can now submit at ICANN accredited Registrar Secura applications for pro-domains with one, two and three letters.

The customers must write a letter with these issues:

1. How will applicant utilize the domain name/website?

2. How will applicant promote awareness of the domain name/website?

3. What financial resources will be dedicated to promotion of domain name/website?

4. What is the proposed timeline for implementation?

5. How will consumers and businesses benefit from the allocation of the domain name to the applicant?

Special consideration will be given to a novel approach with a potential to significantly raise the awareness and interest of pro-domains.

The customer should express these commitments in the letter:

1. Commit to using the one- two- or three-character.PRO domain as their primary web address, or for a specific long-term marketing campaign;

2. Demonstrate a financial commitment to promoting their web address resulting in increased awareness of the .PRO TLD;

3. Meet or exceed commitments made by competing applicants.

4. Meet minimum standards of decency and morality and be deemed by RegistryPro to be a positive representative of the .PRO TLD.

5. Deliver on commitment to use and promote the domain within 180 days of selection.

The length of the RFP responses should not exceed 15 pages and should include a statement that he or she has read the RFP guidelines and agrees to be bound by the terms, conditions, and policies contained therein.

6. Meet the eligibility and other conditions of .pro.

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