Weidmüller's - 'Photovoltaic Junction Box' (IP65) with a max. rated current of 8.5 A for photovoltaic modules/ Innovative and unique connection, installation and sealing concept

'Photovoltaic Junction Box' fitted fully automatically or manually during the production of photovoltaic modules
Weidmüller’s 'Photovoltaic Junction Box': The innovative junction box for photovoltaic modules is easy and flexible to install. It facilitates optimised and more reliable production processes (PresseBox) (Detmold, ) Weidmüller designed its innovative 'Photovoltaic Junction Box' with IP65 protection and a max. rated current of 8.5 A solely for robotbased, fully automated production of photovoltaic modules. Thanks to its innovative design the junction box simplifies the production process of photovoltaic modules appreciably and makes a lasting contribution towards reducing costs. The 'Photovoltaic Junction Box' also helps to simplify manual production methods considerably: The housing concept is based on a twopiece design with top and bottom parts to simplify fitting procedures through a straightforward 'Plug & Play insert'. This concept also supports rapid exchange if servicing becomes necessary, a procedure that does not negatively affect the ingress protection rating of the box. The 'Photovoltaic Junction Box' features a compact design measuring just 162 mm x 77 mm x 29 mm (length x width x height). Cables are permanently attached to the top right and left of the top part of the housing. With MC4 plugin connectors attached to them these connection cables enter the top part of the housing through a cable entry fitting that features an innovative strain relief and sealing system. In comparison with conventional entry systems this permanently sealed cable entry solution has made it possible to significantly increase cable withdrawal forces. In other words, it is no longer possible for the connection to be inadvertently disconnected. The connection between the photovoltaic module and the junction box is both innovative and totally unique. In this case it is a tulip contact that, having proven its reliability in numerous industrial applications, now ensures a robust, reliable and solderfree contact with the flatribbon cable.

The 'Photovoltaic Junction Box' is based on a housing and mounting concept that is designed to prevent errors occurring during installation and maintenance procedures.

The 'Photovoltaic Junction Box' (1000 V DC - IEC / 600 V DC - UL) is designed for operation in a temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C and complies with the standard DIN V VDE V 0126-5:2008-05. The housing material is RoHS compliant, free from halogens and corresponds to flammability class 5V (UL94).

Weidmüller offers a comprehensive range of products for a variety of applications in the photovoltaic sector. As well as the 'Photovoltaic Junction Box' these include the 'Stringbox with surge protection', 'Clinics Solar' to optimise the yield of photovoltaic systems, a GPRS modem for communication as well as switches and a diverse range of electronics modules for control and monitoring. It goes without saying that the user can also turn to Weidmüller for fully equipped or empty enclosures, terminal blocks, plugin connectors, marking systems and tools.


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