532 nm Laser Module for 10°C - 50°C

Green Light for Hot Times!
532 nm Laser Module for 10°C - 50°C (PresseBox) (Olching, ) The AML-53041XX-01 is a 532 nm laser module introduced by LASER COMPONENTS for the first time for the extended temperature range of 10°C - 50°C. Operated at 5 V DC, an output power of 5 mW can be achieved with this module. The diameter of the collimated beam is approximately 2 mm at the point of exit.

This module is only 52 mm in length and 12 mm in diameter. The drive electronics are also already integrated. Because of its small design this module can be easily integrated into any system.

This module represents a temperatureenhanced alternative available for lasers which once yielded heavy losses in performance at operating temperatures of above 35°C.

The green module is primarily used in laser levels, optical measurement, outdoor applications, and instruments that produce a large amount of heat.


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