World Novelty: hydraulically driven GeoPump for borehole filling

World Novelty: hydraulically driven GeoPump for borehole filling (PresseBox) (Siek, ) Most drilling companies are too familiar with the following scenario: the borehole has been drilled, the probe introduced, everything is ready for filling the borehole, the pump is being switched on and - the power supply fails!

In most cases, adequate surge protection of the power supply is not available and in many cases there is no power supply at all. The German manufacturer of building machines >stock big® in Siek near Hamburg has come up with the answer: the hydraulically driven GeoPump-HY mixing pump.

The GeoPump was specifically designed for the airtight filling of geothermal boreholes and was first presented at the GeoTHERM expo & congress in Offenburg, Germany on 25th and 26th February 2010. Compact, powerful, easy to handle and independent of electric power supply, the GeoPump-HY is a progression of its successful electrical cousins the GeoPump-400 and the GeoPump FlexV.

The GeoPump-HY works entirely without AC power supply. Mixing coil and rotor are driven by a powerful hydraulic engine that is connected to the hydraulic aggregate of the drilling equipment. The hydraulic hoses of the GeoPump and drill equipment are connected using a quick coupling system. Any electricity supply is provided by the drilling equipment (12V, 24V or 48V). The mixing and pumping can start at once. Additional power supply is not required. This gives the drilling company complete independence from AC power supplies. The capacity of the GeoPump-HY ranges from 5-80l/min depending on the material, pump unit as well as the revolutions of the engine applied, which may be continuously set. Water flow and measurement as well as safety control features are also controlled through hydraulic components.

The robust metal frame of the GeoPump protects the hydraulic components from accidental damage. The total weight of the machine is only 129kg and it can be dissambled into two parts within seconds. The wheeled frame weighs only 84kg which means it can easily be carried by two people. The measurements of the compact GeoPump-HY are: 1m length, 0.67cm width and 1m height of container. There is even a generous tool box that houses all necessary tools leaving enough space to carry a replacement rotor/stator pump unit.

Like its electrical cousins, the GeoPump-400 (380V) and the GeoPump FlexV (variable between 230V or 380V) that were both presented last year, the GeoPump-HY convinces with its ease of use and simple functionality. Thanks to the puncture proof tyres and its crane hanging points, all GeoPumps are easy to manoeuvre even in impassable terrain.

The new GeoPump-HY will be first shown at the GeoTHERME Expo in Offenburg, Germany on 25th and 26th February 2010.


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