Software AG Introduces NaturalONE: High-Productivity Development and Testing Integrated with SOA and BPM

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-Eclipsebased toolset creates applications that run on virtually any platform
-Quickly generates web services and produces rich web/Ajax interfaces
-Increases interoperability with serviceoriented architectures and processdriven solutions

Software AG today announced the availability of NaturalONE(TM) - a new Eclipsebased toolset for enterprise application development.NaturalONE is a unique integrated development environment (IDE) that lets developers code and test applications (using the Natural language), expose Natural objects as web services, and create rich web interfaces for their applications. In this way, NaturalONE lets the developer produce applications that not only support enterprise SOA and BPM, but also appeal to business users outside the IT group.

"NaturalONE takes several complex, separate products and puts them into a single product that's easy to install and easy to use," said Dr. Peter Kuerpick, Chief Product Officer and Member of the Executive Board, Software AG. "With NaturalONE the developer has everything right at his fingertips. In addition, anyone familiar with the Eclipse interface will be much more quickly introduced to the richness and capabilities of Natural."

NaturalONE delivers a powerful and easytouse set of application lifecycle capabilities to current users of Natural, as well as developers more familiar with Java or COBOL. Furthermore, NaturalONE is equally wellsuited for developing applications to run on the mainframe or major platforms such as UNIX, Linux and Windows.

"Thousands of commercial and governmental organizations around the world support valuable business processes with custombuilt systems created using languages such as COBOL, Natural and PL/I," said Jim Duggan, Research VP at Gartner. "These organizations are seeking strategies that enable them to preserve some of their current business and technical investment while allowing them to improve business processes and to create responsive new enterprise architectures."

Two kinds of Developers

NaturalONE is designed to appeal to two distinct groups: those who are experienced in using Software AG's Natural, and those familiar with the Eclipse IDE but with little or no Natural experience.

For experienced Natural developers, NaturalONE can help accelerate delivery of new webbased applications by an estimated 30%. NaturalONE includes automatic, interactive testing and debugging tools, and allows developers to write, test and execute programs locally (as well as to their current production server). In addition, NaturalONE lets developers easily leverage existing Natural business logic to create web services. Furthermore, any service available inside or outside your organization can be consumed as a NaturalONE object. NaturalONE also facilitates conversion of existing Natural "green screens" to rich web interfaces, with Ajaxbased technology.

"Software AG's technology has helped us deliver unbeatable software quality for years," said Ingo Brandes, Managing Director travel-BA.Sys GmbH & Co. KG. "In our view, Natural is the best development language because it's easy to use and allows us to deliver quicker timetomarket cycles. With NaturalONE we can now also take full advantage of webbased technologies for the benefit of our customers, plus attract new developers coming from the universities."

For developers accustomed to the Eclipse IDE, but not familiar with Natural, NaturalONE provides an easy onramp to the powerful, intuitive and timesaving capabilities thousands of Natural developers have come to prefer. From an IT business perspective, NaturalONE helps address skills challenges through crosstraining of Java developers to maintain and enhance existing Natural applications. With as little as one week of training, NaturalONE lets skilled developers with no prior Natural experience create and enhance Natural applications.

Free Download

The NaturalONE development toolset (including a local runtime environment for application testing) is available as a free download at Additional NaturalONE runtime environments for the mainframe or major platforms can be added separately as needed.


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