V-Band Clamps of the new Generation

Its not often easy to make a perfect product more perfect. but hier it is happend. the TurboZentrum Berlin offers since a short time the Quick-Release-V-Band Clamp
Turbozentrum Vband System (PresseBox) (Berlin, ) A V-Band Connection is the fastest type to combine exhaust pasts and systems. A inner vformed clamp pulls 2 conic rings together. A gassealed connect is present, which is mounted with just one screw of the clamp. Normaly here is a U-Form-Clamp with 2, or flanges with 3, 4 or more screws nesecarry.

But although to loose only one screw needs to much time in the motorsport. Well knowing motorsporttechniqs will confirm this very often. The Quick-Release-V-Band Clamp allows to open the V-Band Connection after loosen the screw only for a way of a 1/3 as normal.

Faster and more easy !

Productlink AUDI RS4



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