BDK (Association of German Criminal Police Officers) names BioID as Security Partner

Biometrics an important enabling technology for future public safety infrastructure
Through biometric authentication, BioID reliably and securely links real people to their digital identities (PresseBox) (Nuremberg, ) BioID GmbH, a leading provider of multimodal biometric authentication, today announced the signing of a security partnership agreement with BDK (Bund Deutscher Kriminalbeamter- Association of German Criminal Police Officers), providing the company increased recognition within the German and international security scene.

This relationship gives BioID to the opportunity to work with a large German and international network of security experts, influencers and decisionmakers in government, military and industry. BDK's security partners are part of an "inner circle" of homeland security experts, and within this framework BioID is actively involved in projects to increase the security of internet services such as social networks for children and students, as well as other public infrastructure.

"Biometric authentication will play an important role in the future public security environment," said Klaus Jansen, federal chairman of BDK. "The ability to reliably match real people with their identities in the virtual world has the potential for wide application in protecting critical data and infrastructures, ensuring privacy for internet users, and in fighting and preventing crime."

BioID's biometric authentication technology uses face, voice, and iris recognition to provide secure access to computers, networks, and web services without the need for user names and passwords. By establishing a strong link between real people and their digital identities, only biometrically authenticated users are able to access information and use applications. Potential applications in public safety could include:

- Securing access to law enforcement IT infrastructure
- Ensuring legal compliance and auditability for the access of classified information
- Verifying the validity of identity documents, e.g. biometric passports
- Preventing abuse of anonymous internet service use
- Protecting user access to, and preventing crime on, internet services (e.g. social networks)
- Enabling internet service providers (games, social networks, porn) to verify the age of their users without knowing other details of their real identity

"We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with BDK and their partners," said Ho Chang, CEO of BioID. "Our advanced biometric authentication technology has the potential to prevent a significant volume of cybercrime, and we look forward to a mutually beneficial cooperation in which our technology can be implemented for the public good."

About BioID

BioID is a leading developer of multimodal biometric authentication solutions to protect IT and internet applications from identity theft. With the increasing use of the internet as well as mobile IT and communication services, people have a growing number of internet accounts and digital identities, which are typically protected only by a password or the combination of a token (card, key, USB stick, etc.) and a password. In contrast, BioID does not protect digital identities with insecure passwords and tokens, but rather with an indisputable link to the biometric traits of the user. Because biometric traits cannot be stolen or shared, biometric authentication is the only method known today that can verify the physical presence of a user.

BioID's authentication software recognizes a person reliably by their face, iris and voice, and thus hinders the unauthorized use of digital identities. At the same time, BioID enjoys high user acceptance because BioID users no longer have to remember passwords. BioID's authentication solutions have been proven through many years of use at enterprises, banks and government organizations, and can be integrated flexibly into existing IT and communication environments.

Privately held, BioID's development facilities are located in Nuremberg, Germany. For more information, please see

About BDK

BDK (Bund Deutscher Kriminalbeamter- Association of German Criminal Police Officers) is the sole trade union of the employees of the German criminal police and all people in public service employed in fighting crime. For 40 years, through the association's role as trade representative and lobbyist, its professional expertise and relationship with political decision makers, the BDK has stood for a modern security infrastructure in Germany and - in cooperation with international colleagues - also throughout Europe.


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