KeySonic eXtreme - new keyboards for gamers

KSK 8003UX  (PresseBox) (Ahrensburg, ) Shortly before CeBIT 2010 KeySonicTM introduces two new keyboards. The devices labelled "eXtreme series" is targeting in particular gamers in addition to home and office users: KSK-8003 UX in standard size and KSK-6001 UELX in compact format with blue backlight impress by a high typing comfort. With a silent, yet noticeable keystroke, these keyboards can be used for long periods without tiring. This is achieved through the highquality SoftTouch membrane technology.

Das Highlight of both input devices is the ability to assign all keys individually with simple shortcuts or complex sequences (Macros). This allows the user to combine arbitrary sequences of commands and assign it to one keystroke. Special driver software is available for download at The user can also control the timing by integrating delays in the macros, which is important for many games. These functions can be saved in various profiles and levels for a fast access to individual key mappings for every application. Ideal for gamers are the Anti-Ghosting keys, speedingup complex gaming actions. This feature allows holding down more than 4 keys simultaneously without malfunctions. In this way the keyboards offers a more precise control and adds realism to the game experience. Maximum 20 keys are available for Anti-Ghosting, in eight automatically selected combinations.

In addition to the usual features on similar products on the market - as tilt feet for an ergonomic tilt angle and status LEDs - the KSK-6001 UELX is equipped with a switchable blue keypad illumination. Thus it creates a spacey atmosphere and is especially suitable for dark rooms, LAN parties, discotheques etc.

The keyboards are delivered in an attractive retail packaging in red KeySonic design and are marketed exclusively by MaxPoint Handelsgesellschaft mbH. KSK-6001 UELX is available in specialised shops for a recommended retail price of 24.90 € and KSK-8003 UX for 17.90 € (incl. VAT) starting from now.


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