Visual solutionsfor military and civil aviation

Security Centre in airport (PresseBox) (Reutlingen, ) Nowadays civil or military airports use visual display solutions in many areas. With the growing air traffic, growing terrorist threats and innovating technologies it makes it necessary to increase the surveillance in every field of an airport. Many different systems have to be controlled at the same time for example CCTV cameras, smoke detector, air traffic, airfields, intrusion alarms, luggage belts…, therefore it is necessary to provide this big amount of data for the operators who have to control it in a way that an error or alarm can be identified immediately and that corrective measurements can be launched immediately. Intelligent large screen systems like video or monitor walls based on DLP cubes, LCD monitors and in connection with intelligent graphics controllers and content management software systems, makes these control tasks easier and more comfortable for the operators.
Control rooms with large screen display systems are used in the following areas of civil or military airports: luggage handling systems, security centres, radar, air traffic control.

Another area where large screen systems are used in the aviation industry are for example for flight simulation and virtual training centres where virtual areas realities to train pilots and other staff. These systems must provide environments that the trainees have the impression to be in real situation to have the best training results.

Especially in civil airports large screen monitors or displays are used for digital signage, advertising, displays for flight schedules, etc.

The German manufacturer eyevis is offering visual solutions for all these areas, and has already numerous experiences in this field:
-Qatar airways
-Lufthansa systems
-Airport Munich security centre
-Airport Düsseldorf, fire department
-Airport Vienna, security centre
-Airport Frankfurt
-VIP squadron, Cologne
-flight simulator, Ottobrunn
-Airport Munich, Airport TV and advertising
-Air base Penzing (Eurofighter)
-Swiss airforce
-Abu Dhabi airforce
-German Aeorospace
-Airbus, France
-Air traffic control, Prague


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