PRIMAGAS (PresseBox) (München, ) PRIMAGAS now uses the Content Management System CONTENS for their online communication needs. The internet appearance designed by Saatchi & Saatchi provides for an improved service orientation and increased userfriendliness.

PRIMAGAS, one of the leading suppliers in the liquid gas sector of the German energy market, has launched its internet appearance with CONTENS. The new PRIMAGAS website, designed by Saatchi & Saatchi, combines emotive presence with improved customer service and increased userfriendliness.

For the redesign of their website, PRIMAGAS placed great importance on userfriendliness. The clearly arranged site structure allows users to get a quick overview and provides for an improved navigation. A new feature provides separate areas for private and commercial clients. With a single click, both target groups now find all relevant information bundled in their respective categories.

The page elements "contact options" and "customer service" provide for improved user support and are located on the right side of all pages. Furthermore website visitors can find, for example, the nearest PRIMAGAS partners, the callback service, and the emergency service. The links in the area "customer service" lead to the entry forms for ordering gas and entering meter readings.

The central visual element of the new homepage is the flash stage with largeformat images, which is easily updated and administered with CONTENS. The graphical headlines are also maintained with the CMS, and, thus, do not require costly graphics software. Yet another improvement concerns the images on the website: The integrated Auto-Image function of CONTENS not only automatically generates the defined image formats, but also rounds the image corners to match the overall design concept. The already existing partner portal at PRIMAGAS was integrated into the new website and enhanced with CONTENS modules in the course of the relaunch. During development of the entry and order forms, special focus was placed on usability and integration of security features.

"The new PRIMAGAS website completely meets our expectations. CONTENS significantly simplifies the online communication with our target groups and help us react to the latest developments faster," says Anika Bahr, Project Manager at PRIMAGAS.

The new PRIMAGAS website was redesigned by Saatchi & Saatchi, technical concept and implementation were performed by CONTENS Professional Services.


PRIMAGAS, a leading liquid gas supplier in Germany, is one of only a few companies with TÜVtested service. PRIMAGAS is the ideal partner for all private households and businesses who believe in clean energy. 210 employees in the indoor and fields services, as well as more than 3.000 sales partners for technical customer service, offer competent advice on all questions concerning liquid gas. PRIMAGAS stands for efficient and safe supply thanks to nationwide transport logistics with temporary storage for several thousand tons of liquid gas.


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