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Elmasonic P - The professional way to use ultrasound in a laboratory
Elmasonic P 30 H (PresseBox) (Singen, ) Elma replaces the existing ultrasonic digital DH units by the completely new Elmasonic P series. The units are available in six different sizes ranging from 2.7 up to 28 liter tank capacity. As a special feature, the units are operated and controlled intuitively via turning knobs and pressure keys. All set and actual values are clearly readable and indicated simultaneously in the blue display.

The integrated double frequency can be changed from 37 to 80 kHz and vice versa. The 37 kHz frequency has been equipped with considerably more power than on the Elmasonic S units. The high 80 kHz frequency is exceptionally silent. It creates tiny cavitational vacuum bubbles which makes it perfect for the cleaning of very small clearances.

If more power is needed than the standard operation generates, the completely new Pulse modulation can be activated. The peak power output created in this mode makes the unit ideal for bio-technological applications or for the dissolving of hardly soluble substances.

For further laboratory applications the units are also equipped with sweep and degas mode and with a power control.

The easiest way to see for yourselves is to visit the Elma booth at the Analytica and try and operate the units yourselves.


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