VARTA CellPac PLUS - No Compromise Designing a Battery

VARTA CellPac PLUS (PresseBox) (Quickborn, ) Texim Europe recently introduced VARTA Microbattery's CellPac PLUS, a new custom battery design service for portable and handheld electronic devices for the industrial, medical and communications markets.

CellPac PLUS is not a onesizefitsall option. It enables exceptional products to keep delivering exceptional results. Combining cell and electronics knowledge, CellPac PLUS delivers optimised product features without compromising on safety, reliability, endurance or fit.

Saving you time

CellPac PLUS delivers a total project management, endtoend battery design solution from the initial specification to product manufacture. Working with the CellPac PLUS team will give you access to a dedicated group of technicians and project managers, each experienced with every aspect of battery design, construction, certification and implementation to ease the timeconsuming development process. It is VARTA's responsibility to deliver the best battery for your product ontime and onbudget, enabling you to achieve faster time to market and better results.

Helping you to keep delivering exceptional products

CellPac PLUS not only delivers increased battery reliability and cell endurance to enhance your product features, but the project managers also pride themselves on creating a great partnership with their clients. Like any great team, the stronger the relationship, the better the results, so when you are looking for the right battery design for your next product design, VARTA's CellPac PLUS team are already steps ahead in providing you with the perfect solution.

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