Elma Lab Clean

Cleaning solutions for the laboratory
Elma lab clean (PresseBox) (Singen, ) The cleaning solutions developed and made by Elma are the ideal helpers for any intensive cleaning of laboratory beakers or instruments in Elmasonic ultrasonic units.

They are perfect for spotless cleaning and meet all requirements from pH acid via neutral to alkaline cleaning. In addition, there is a special tenside-free chemical so that e.g. pipettes are spotlessly clean without any residues and the readability of reagents in volumetric measuring instruments is guaranteed.

An important advantage of the complete cleaning chemical programme is that all chemicals can be used both in an ultrasonic unit and in a laboratory rinsing automaton. They are non-foaming above 55°C which makes them the ideal universal cleaners for both units.

Elma Lab Clean: economical, environment-friendly and highly efficient.


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