Elmasonic S 150

Ultrasound with condensed power for dissolving, mixing and dispersing
Elmasonic S 150 (PresseBox) (Singen, ) The Elmasonic S 150 has a peak power of 1200 Watt. As the transducer tank is only 10 cm deep, the power density per litre is extremely high.

There is special accessory equipment which can be screwed to the bottom of the basket to allow safe fastening of Erlenmeyer flasks. The ultrasound can safely dissolve, mix or disperse the laboratory solution, or keep the dispersions stable, whichever is required.
The unit can also be used for quick degassing: the laboratory beaker, the samples or the HPLC solvent are placed into the basket. It is perfectly sufficient if the beaker is immersed by only 2-3 cm. The ultrasound is safely transmitted and degasses the solution within a very short time.


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