Highest requirements for best performance

DDR3 1600 Dualchannel 72 (PresseBox) (Breisach, ) Welcome to the Formula 1 of storage modules: more speed, more quality, more comfort - the new DDR3 1600 Highend modules by takeMS. They perfectly meet high requirements and offer very high user friendliness with XMP.

the new DDR3 1600 Highend storage modules by takeMS, with 9-9-9-24 timings at 1.65V were designed to meet highest requirements. They are available as single module with a capacity of 2 GB or as Dual Channel kit with 4 GB. Like all storage modules made by takeMS, they are JEDECconform. In addition, they have XMP (Extreme Memory Profile). This assures stable performance even during and after over clocking. This makes handling particularly easy. The DDR3 1600 memories by takeMS are perfect for all who like to go fast on the datahighway.

More information at www.takeMS.com.


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