Plug & Play Driver for Pulsed Laser Diodes

Better Safe than Sorry - LSP40 Series for the Easy Handling of PLDs
Plug & Play Driver for Pulsed Laser Diodes (PresseBox) (Olching, ) LASER COMPONENTS' LSP40 series is an inexpensive plug & play driver module used to accurately control pulsed laser diodes (PLDs). With just two resistors the user is able to regulate both the operating current (and thus the laser power) and the pulse length. All the module requires is an operating voltage of +12 V DC and an external trigger signal. The laser current can be set to any value up to a maximum of 40 A; the pulse length can be set to between 30 ns and 150 ns. At a reduced current, it is possible to achieve pulse lengths up to 1 µs.


With the LSP40 module, all pulsed laser diodes available at LASER COMPONENTS can be operated immediately. Plus the PLDs are interchangeable, guaranteeing maximum flexibility.

Also available is an evaluation board. Equipped with two potentiometers, both the pulse power and the pulse length can be regulated.

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