Success to touch - in its most beautiful shape!

The new FC Bayern München USB flash drive by takeMS
FC Bayern open (PresseBox) (München / Breisach, ) The new FC Bayern München USB drive by takeMS makes fanhearts beat faster. With the perfect replication of the emblem of this successful German club it does not only provide 4 and 8 GB storage capacity, but also works as sporty accessory on a key chain. Sexy, reliable and handy - the slightly different fanitem that makes you want to grab it!

takeMS International AG is now the official licensee of the exceptional FC Bayern München USB flash drive. This incomparable companion representing the successful German sports club, with 4 and 8 GB storage capacity is now within reach. With 48 mm diameter, 12 mm depth and a weight of only 23 grams, it can be attached on any key chain as well as worn around the neck with the included lanyard, as medal, while playing. For faithful fans, admirers and partners - the club emblem to touch, cherish and use.

The USB drive lies hidden in the inside of the rubber casing, in order to be protected against water and other external influences. All data like e.g. fansongs, pictures and scores are reliably and durably stored and can still be accessed any time.

"The comfortable surface feel of the reproduction of the club logo enables users to feel the success of FC Bayern München already by touching", stated takeMS president and CEO, Edmund Dägele. "Why should one be content with less? Get it now, enjoy and show your affiliation - as part of this great fan community!"

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