Palo Global Roadshow 2010 starts in Germany

(PresseBox) (Freiburg, ) The Palo Global Road Show starts today with the tour through Germany. The leading open source business intelligence software provider presents Palo 3.1 and the Palo OLAP GPU technology.

Today, the Palo Global Roadshow starts in Germany. With the roadshow in April and May 2010, the leading European Open Source Business Intelligence software provider presents product innovations like the new Palo version 3.1, examples, solutions and the new Palo OLAP GPU technology. The first appointment today, 13 April 2010, in Freiburg will be followed by events in about 25 other cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In addition to the product and application presentations additional starter workshops will be made available at some events. Examples of the applications and solutions presented are budgeting and liquidity planning, integrated business planning, consolidation and Balanced Scorecard.

The free half day events of the road show start at 8:30am and end at 01:00pm. Event details and registration information for the Palo Global Road Show 2010 are available at:

After the kickoff launch in Australia and the events in the D-A-CH region, Great Britain, Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, Malaysia, China, South Africa, Canada and USA are the further destinations of the roadshow.

Besides the new 3.1 version of Palo with many new features, enhanced performance and optimized stability is the new Palo OLAP GPU technology the focus of the presentations.

Palo OLAP GPU technology was developed in cooperation with researchers from the University of Freiburg and the University of Western Australia. It is a technology that uses NVIDIA Tesla graphics processing units (GPUs) to speed up large data processing jobs for Business Intelligence applications .

In addition to the CPU of the server, Palo OLAP GPU leverages the massively parallel architecture of NVIDIA Tesla GPU and uses their tremendous computing capability to speed up large OLAP aggregations. Modern GPUs come with hundreds of socalled streaming processors and with several Gb of graphics memory that allows us to store analysis and reporting data directly on the GPU. Palo OLAP GPU is available as a rampup version since the beginning of April and will be optimized with a few selected customers under business conditions.


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