Eyevis offers high resolution optical dual touch screen option for their EYE-LCD series

High resolution optical touch screens
(PresseBox) (Reutlingen, ) eyevis's Optical Touch Screen turns the EYE-LCD series into an interactive surface. The high performance, the scalability to any standard and the reliability as well as the cost effectiveness makes this dual touch option an ideal solution for every application: gaming, medical, POS/POI, Info stations or kiosks, ticketing, education, show or presentation rooms, museums, etc. The touch panel can incorporate Dual Touch and is easily integrated, it is available for the eyevis EYE-LCD-4000/4600/5200/7000 series.

Key Features

- High resolution
- High accuracy
- Fast reporting rate
- Very low latency
- Full Glass transparency, no absorbing layer, no haze
- High clarity and color fidelity
- Activated by any object finger, gloves, pen, stylus, or any pointer
- One time '3 Point' Calibration required, no aging or temperature drift
- Long lifetime with high reliability - scratches do not effect performance
- Light touch with no pressure


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