RRCS 2.0 - Intelligent Third Party Router Control for Riedel Intercoms

(PresseBox) (Las Vegas, Nevada, ) Riedel Communications, renowned for pioneering most advanced intercom, fiber, audio and radio technology, presented the RRCS 2.0 software at this year's NAB in Las Vegas. The Riedel Router Control Software (RRCS) provides a universal XML interface to enable third party router control systems to control Riedel Artist Intercom systems. Version 2.0 of the RRCS Software features an expanded set of XML commands for the software to allow for an even deeper integration of external third party control systems and Artist.

Users can easily configure intercom setups and conferences with highly flexible control surfaces and intuitive shortcuts. In combination with any router control software such as LSB's Virtual Studio Manager (VSM), RRCS provides a very powerful assignment tool for conferences, panels, external 4wires, IFBs and program signals including gain settings.


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