Gasket Problems ?

The TurboZentrum Berlin has a gasket paste, which is the best on the market
gasket paste (PresseBox) (Berlin, ) In some engines, turbochargers and exhaust systems no gaskets are availble or not availble anymore. Leak connections are the result of mounting without gaskets or "self made" gaskets in this cases.

The Berlin Company has a gasket paste in their programm, which is especialy for extrem hot areas. The included fibrematerial is the same, which is used in high qualtity gaskets too. It is high resistent against tempeartures and high flexbile against vibrations. Useable in all areas of exhaust systems, like turbochargers, downpipes, vband and flanges. easily to mount, the gaskets fills leaks up to 1,25mm. The quantity in one package usealy is enough for one complete exhaust system.

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