EIAA Spotlight V: Internetnutzung

Dieses EIAA Mediascope Europe Spotlight bietet einen Überblick zur Internetnutzung der Europäer
(PresseBox) (Northants, ) Das sind die wichtigsten Ergebnisse:

- According to the new Mediascope Europe 2010 survey 54% (279m) of Europeans surveyed use the internet in a typical week

- These internet users spend 12.1 hours online each week and 28% are heavy internet users spending 16+ hours online each week. Additionally Europeans spend more time online that reading newspapers (4.8 hours) and magazines (4.1 hours) collectively

- Over half (53%) of all European internet users go online everyday of the week with 33% claiming they could not live without it

- The most popular web activities amongst European internet users include email (76%), communicating via social networking sites (45%), instant messaging (40%), watching film, TV or video clips (32%), ratings and reviews (27%) and music downloads (26%) showing how the internet is a popular source of entertainment and that 'word of web' is continuing to play a central role in communications

- 87% of European internet users cannot live without at least one web activity with almost half (46%) claiming they could not live without email

- More than 8 in 10 (83%) use a broadband connection and over half (52%) of these broadband users are wireless

- 71% state that as a result of the internet they are staying in touch with friends and relatives more, half (50%) have chosen better products or services, 47% are better able to manage their finances online and 43% have booked more holidays or made travel arrangements

- Regarding websites visited news (56%), banking and finance (46%), local information (40%), travel (37%), film (35%) and price comparison (34%) are the most popular website types amongst European internet users

- When researching or considering a product or service, 48% consider online expert reviews an important information source, with both websites of well known brands (41%) and well known retailers (39%) following closely, showing that internet users are increasingly using online to make purchase decisions

- 55% of European internet users actively change their mind on what brand to buy after online research with 58% of these changing their mind on what electrical brand to buy

- 86% of all online Europeans shop online, buying an average of 11 items each in a period of six months and spending €655 on these items

- The research also highlights the most popular products or services bought online amongst European internet users - 46% have bought books online, 34% have bought travel tickets and electrical goods (36%), clothes (34%) and holidays (32%) are also popular online purchases

* EIAA Mediascope Europe 2010 incorporated a further five European markets in addition to the original 10 surveyed since 2004.


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