INTERFORST 2010 Trade Press Boxes

(PresseBox) (München, ) During INTERFORST 2010 publishers of trade journals and magazines will be given the opportunity to display their publication(s) in special trade press boxes at the EAST entrance of the New Munich Trade Fair Centre. The trade press boxes will be staffed by an employee of Messe München. The costs for displaying the publications are EUR 200 per publication (plus VAT). If you are interested in displaying your magazines in these boxes, please fill in the attached form and send it back by 18 June 2010. Please also note our online offer at:

The trade press boxes will be furnished with the cover of the publication intended for display.Therefore we request you, to send us a jpg of the title in 300 dpi until 1 July 2010. We kindly ask you to ensure that all magazines and newspapers for the trade press boxes (500-700 copies per publication) be sent to the following address - free at domicile, customs cleared and taxes paid - no later than 1 July 2010:

Messe München GmbH
Abteilung Expedition
Mr. Manfred Modl Messegelände / Tor 1
D-81823 München

Please ensure that the address and the name of the publisher and publication(s) are clearly marked on the consignment. Because of other events taking place concurrently at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre, materials may only be sent to the above address and must be labelled "Trade press boxes for INTERFORST 2010". Otherwise your shipment cannot be accepted. The delivery deadline is binding. Publishers who send materials that arrive later than the above date will be charged an additional transportation fee of EUR 40.


Messe München GmbH
Messegelände 1
D-81823 München

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Messe München GmbH
Assistentin Marketing & Kommunikation
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