CROSSBoard - VortexDX86 based CPU module solution

B-plus presents the new headless CPU module solution CROSSBoard
B-plus GmbH is specialized as a innovative system provider with state-of-the-art technologies on the business segments automotive, automation and embedded system solutions. (PresseBox) (Landshut, ) This solution is based upon the Vortex System-on-Chip with x86 architecture without own graphics controller.

The performance of the CROSSBoard DX86 is positioned between an Atom based Module and a classical 586 Solution, thus power dissipation of ca. 2 Watts also ranges well below existing Atom platforms. Utilizing a x86 architecture with proper memory sizes offers further benefits in terms of applying typical realtime OS like WinCE and Linux as well as a x86 traditional XPembedded OS. This way an upgrade of existing x86 applications into more performance but low power areas can be realized without any necessity to switch to other CPU architectures like ARM / RISC.

Additionally this module features options for the extended temperature area and fanless operation.

Applications for this CPU module solution without GPU are for example gateways, PLCs or data logger.


Cluster Mikrosystemtechnik
Am Lurzenhof 1
D-84036 Landshut
Dipl.-Ing. Adrian Bertl
Marketing b-plus GmbH


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