Accotex® Grinding Equipment Layer by layer to premium quality

(PresseBox) (Münster, ) Oerlikon Textile Components is looking forward to offering their customers the Accotex® Grinding Equipment. The innovative and flexible machine enables a frequent and autonomous grinding of cots for a consistent yarn quality and an extended top roller life time.

Nowadays grinding intervals are regulated by set grinding plans. The systematic planning of the grinding intervals has an immediate benefit on the machine downtimes, consistent yarn quality parameters and therefore on the profitability of the spinning mill.

With regards to the grinding frequency Oerlikon Textile Components indicates to consider the following aspects which have influence on this aspect: The grinding frequency depends on the cot compound composition, the cot Shore hardness, the cot position in the drafting system, the pressure of the drafting arm, the width of traverse motion, the yarn type and count, the speed of the machine and last but not least the roving twist and general draft. Regularly and proper cot maintenance ensures outstanding and uniform spinning results.

Therefore Oerlikon Textile Components introduced the Accotex® Grinding Equipment which meets all demands of the today's spinning industry and offers several advantages:

Accotex Grinder provide highest grinding precision, dimensional accuracy and a perfect surface structure after grinding for optimized drafting conditions and longer cot service life.

The modular machine system and perfectly aligned grinding accessories stand for easy machine handling and operator guidance with userfriendly software programs.

In order to optimize the mill productivity and profitability and in order to meet the customer's needs Oerlikon Textile Components developed a flexible machine concept which includes a fully automated and a semiautomated version. This gives the customer the opportunity to find the optimum solution for his requirements.

Furthermore Oerlikon Textile Components tenders offer a well equipped Product Portfolio. The Accotex® Precision Grinder is available in two different automation levels: the Accotex® Precision Grinder A as fully automatic version and the Accotex® Precision Grinder S as semiautomatic version. The modular machine concept of the fully automatic version consists of a Basic Machine, a Loading Station and a Measuring Station.

Finally Oerlikon Textile Components offers the Accotex® Grinding Service with a technician who will be placed at the customer's disposal for five days. This service package includes the installation and commissioning of the machine, the implementation of staff training and moreover the onsite support.

The customer will find the benefits of the Accotex® Grinding Service in the achievement of perfect grinding results right from the start and in saving costs because all expenses are included as e.g. travel costs are included.

Besides the Accotex® Grinding Machines Oerlikon Textile Components possesses a portfolio of grinding accessories which includes several components.

The customer can choose between three different types of presses for the mounting and dismounting spinning cots. The Accotex® Press basic will be available as simple and independent type, the Accotex® Press Value as the flexible and spacesaving type and the Accotex® Press Premium as economical and easy to handle type.

Oerlikon Textile Components offers as well testing equipment which essentially serves to complement the cot maintenance.

The Accotex® Concentricity Analyzer for concentricity and parallelism testing of top rollers and bearing journals.

The Accotex® Roughness Analyzer to determine the roughness of a spinning cot. The surface roughness is influencing the yarn quality and the cot running behaviour. In general as a guideline a cot surface roughness between 0.8 and 1.0 µm is recommended for all Accotex® Spinning Cots.

The Accotex® Shore Hardness Analyzer to determine the Shore hardness of cots. Oerlikon Textile Components offers two types (Accotex® Shore Hardness Analyzer 20 and Accotex® Shore Hardness Analyzer 35) distinguish themselves between the radiuses of the working face.

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