Kontron CompactPCI processor board CP6002 brings latest Intel Core i7 performance to 6U systems

Higher performance-per-watt ratio for 6U CompactPCI
(PresseBox) (Eching, Germany, ) Today Kontron introduced the 6U CompactPCI processor board CP6002 based on the latest Intel Corei7 mobile processor technology. It is designed to bring leadingedge performance with low power consumption and low heat dissipation to a broad range of applications in the communications, military, aerospace, medical, industrial and monitoring systems markets.

With the 2.53 GHz Intel Core i7-610E and the LV 2.0 GHz Intel Core i7-620LE, the long term available Kontron CP6002 not only speeds up multiprocessing tasks via hyperthreading technology (HTT), but also processes singlethreaded tasks much faster thanks to the new Intel Turbo Boost technology. This allows for a clock speed of up to 3.33GHz without exceeding the defined thermal design power (TDP) and without the need to oversize the entire system for peak loads. On the memory side, up to 8 GB of soldered DDR3 1066 MHz ECC memory ensures data accuracy for demanding and safetycritical applications like radar, sonar, or imaging systems. In addition to the CompactFlash socket for rugged, industrial grade flash modules, up to 32 GB of NAND Flash (64 GB upon availability) are possible via SATA interface, which are able to hold complete operating systems or application code, substantially increasing overall system speed and availability.

"The highlyintegrated Intel Core i7 architecture on 6U CompactPCI allows for overall performance increase of 30 to 60% and nearly three times the graphics performance compared to previous processor platforms," says Reiner Grübmeyer, Product Manager for 6U CompactPCI at Kontron.

For maximum application flexibility, the Kontron CompactPCI processor board CP6002 comes with six Serial ATA interfaces with RAID support, one front and two rear highresolution graphics interfaces (VGA/DP/HDMI) and up to two PMC/XMC slots, enabling more compact and costefficient system designs by omitting previously required addons such as PMC carriers, graphics and/or RAID CPCIboards. In addition, six USB 2.0 ports are available on the board, two on front I/O and four on rear I/O. Further interfaces include two COM ports, one RS-232 port implemented as an RJ-45 connector on the front panel and routed to rear I/O as well as one RS-422 port on the rear I/O.

The Kontron CP6002 is offered in three versions, with either one (CP6002-R1) or two XMCs/PMCs slots (CP6002-R1-MC and CP6002-R2-MC). The Kontron CP6002-R1 can further accommodate an onboard 2.5" SATA HDD/SSD and provides two Gigabit Ethernet ports, one VGA (CRT) port, one COM port and two USB ports on the front panel. The Kontron CP6002-R1-MC and CP6002-R2-MC provide one Gigabit Ethernet port, one DisplayPort (alternatively RS232) and two USB ports on the front panel. The Kontron CP6002-R1 and CP6002-R1-MC are designed for standard application environments in aircooled environments, whereas the ruggedized Kontron CP6002-R2-MC is designed for high shock and vibration environments (as defined in VITA 47 EAC3/EAC6), an extended operating temperature range (-40° C to +70° C.), and provides support for two conductioncooled XMCs/PMCs. The R3 version (available on project request) is fully conduction cooled and meets the VITA 47's ECC4 requirements.

The Kontron CP6002 supports a configurable 64bit/66 MHz PCI or PCI-X, hot swap CompactPCI interface. When installed in the system slot, the interface is enabled, and when installed in a peripheral slot, the board is isolated from the CompactPCI bus. Safety and security features via a optional Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 1.2, two redundant firmware hubs (failover) and Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) are supported as well.

The Kontron CompactPCI processor board CP6002 runs with VxWorks 6.8, Linux (RedHat), Microsoft Windows 7, Windows XP, XP embedded or Windows Server 2003 or 2008. Highly integrated support packages support all onboard hardware devices, and also specific features like hot swap ability, IPMI, power, and thermal management enabling effortless integration among scalable multi-CPU systems.

Samples of the Kontron CP6002 are available now. Full production is scheduled for Q3 2010.

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