TEOS touch panel PCs from AURES to be used in the first mobile ID control kits

Enhancing airport security
IDS system developed by ID SHIELD (PresseBox) (Lisses / Runcorn, ) AURES Group's Equipment & Systems Department will be equipping the first mobile systems destined to enhance security and improve identity checks in airports.

Developed by ID SHIELD, working closely with the Security Departments of leading international airlines, this portable kit has been designed in a case format, enabling ID checks to be performed anytime, anywhere in airports and other transit areas, right to the stairs of the aircraft ? or even incabin if required.

Each portable unit consists of a TEOS panel PC built into an armoured carry case, along with a document scanner. The station is operated by an all?in?one software platform for document?based and biometric access control (including databases), developed and integrated by ID SHIELD.

Powered by a lithium or car battery, these mobile systems offer an effective means of combating documentary fraud.

"Given that airlines can be fined up to €5000 (in France) if they allow passengers whose papers are not in order on board ? and that some pay over €5m a year for having allowed unauthorised individuals to enter or pass through another country ? the benefit of our new system is clear," said Raphaël ROCHER, founder of ID SHIELD and holder of the patent for the technology.

"What is more, the fine is only part of the financial cost: other expenses include the return ticket, the police escort, accommodation in France and the administrative staff assigned by the airline to related duties," he added.

"The IDS kit will soon be accompanied by a facial recognition programme," he concluded.

"This recognition programme will be particularly useful in specific instances - for example, when individuals destroy their identity documents once on board the plane, thereby hoping to obtain asylum on arrival," explained Franck GEIGER, in charge of the project for AURES. "The programme will enable the airline to prove that it did not make any mistakes during boarding and that the passenger did have documentation."

"This portable identity control system should be soon implemented worldwide; it represents a major innovation, and we are proud to be a part of that", said Patrick ROSA, head of the AURES Group's Equipment and Systems Department.


ID SHIELD is a rising French startup which focuses on the concept of access control, particularly documentbased and biometric systems. For its IDS application (a mobile system to check identity details in airports), ID SHIELD is responsible for software and database development and integration, as well as the operating architecture and platform maintenance.


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