KOMET SERVICE(TM) is the innovative Service brand name of the KOMET GROUP

Komet SERVICE Schleifen (PresseBox) (Besigheim, ) Fast tool reconditioning for reliably longlasting precision and maximum process reliability - KOMET SERVICES(TM) now provides this facility. With the introduction of an extensive network of service partners, the KOMET GROUP will in future increase its product and service portfolio through the addition of a professional tool service department. With the new service brand name "KOMET SERVICE(TM) " is providing an additional PLUS to its "TOOLS PLUS IDEAS" philosophy. This regional service is unique in its sector and scores points by providing fast and flexible tool reconditioning at an extremely high quality.

Initial positive feedback from customers

"Efficiency, time saving and personal attention on site were, for us, the decisive factors in choosing KOMET SERVICE(TM) ", declares Frank Schneider, Production Manager at Wolfgang Bott GmbH & Co. KG, who has already taken advantage of the new service. "The fast, freeofcharge collect and deliver service at prearranged times means for us less time and effort spent on internal logistics and reduces our reacquisition expenditure. After regrinding, the tools are OEM quality, which has led to a reduction in our manufacturing costs".

Tool reconditioning, KomPakt range and special tools - service provision from one supplier

Whether professional (manufacturerindependent) regrinding, individual recoating or precision retipping is required, our KOMET SERVICE(TM) partners guarantee professional work completion and consistently high quality standards which will ensure reliable tool performance. In addition to the tool reconditioning service, customers can receive standard tools directly from their KOMET SERVICE(TM) partner from a KomPakt range which is available ex stock. This includes all important areas such as continuous drilling, precision drilling, boring, turning, threading, reaming, milling, machine holders and adapters. The Service portfolio also includes the manufacture of solid carbide special tools. In partnership with the KOMET GROUP field service, any related issues connected with bore machining can of course be resolved directly on site.

Reliable manufacture and service

In tool reconditioning, exact specifications, strictly monitored and recorded work processes on hightech machines ensure results which match original quality and can be reliably reproduced. The tools are reconditioned in such a way that a cutting efficiency of up to 100 % can be achieved in comparison to a completely new tool. Detailed measurement reports are available on request for all reground tools.

Tool reconditioning pays

The geographical proximity of our service partners and a personal contact person dedicated to tool reconditioning ensures short response times and the care provided is particularly convenient because of the collect and deliver service. Manufacturing and piece costs are reduced as a result of extended tool edge life; additional expenditure for the procurement of new tools is reduced and rapid renewed availability is guaranteed. The KOMET SERVICE(TM) is also attractive because of its transparent cost structure. The services are calculated from a price list or, if individually requested, on the basis of an itemised offer and, as a result, can be exactly and reliably calculated.


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