Ukrainian MNO life:) and Orga Systems win GTB’s Innovation Awards 2010

OPSC Gold is the “Convergent Billing Innovation”
(PresseBox) (Paderborn, ) Orga Systems’ OPSC Gold used at life:) in Ukraine has been recognized to be the “Convergent Billing Innovation”. Therefore, the solution has been awarded the Global Telecoms Business’ Innovation Awards 2010. OPSC Gold is a convergent billing system for total marketing support. This meets operators’ needs to offer attractive marketing campaigns and to be the first mover to skim perfectly.

Orga Systems’ OPSC Gold awarded for total marketing support
In presenting the awards, Alan Burkitt-Gray, editor of Global Telecoms Business, commented: "The industry is seeing a wave of innovation which is making a huge difference — to the companies working in the industry and to all of us in business and as consumers. Congratulations to Astelit and Orga Systems - OPSC Gold is a truly innovative system, which allows Astelit total marketing support. We were delighted to award this project as Convergent Billing Innovation."

Real-time solution unlocks new revenue streams
“Customer experience has been boosted by OPSC Gold, making subscriber data available in real time and thus leading to dedicated and personalized offerings for any subscriber. All this unlocked new revenue streams and made OPSC Gold the groundwork for life:)’s success.” says Ms Oksana Rudiuk, Head of life:) Corporate Communications & External Affairs. “We are delighted to be awarded the Global Telecoms Business "Convergent Billing Innovation Award" for this excellent solution.”

“We are pleased to see our convergent real-time billing installation has received the Global Telecoms Business Innovation Award,” said Ramez Younan, CEO Orga Systems. “With our system, used for all services, all payment methods and all customer segments, life:) can offer attractive marketing campaigns within hours. This has strengthened life:)'s competitive edge and made it the Ukrainian Marketing Champion. Following life:)’s pattern, many operators have joined in moving their prepaid and postpaid system to our single platform. With our truly convergent real-time billing system they can achieve similar benefits and gain impressive market share as life:) has.”

Innovative project enables real-time marketing
The GTB Innovation Awards are designed to honor innovative projects involving telecoms operators and service providers around the world, in association with their vendors and suppliers. Orga Systems’ OPSC Gold is a unique convergent charging and billing system, meeting operators’ needs for total marketing support. With its convergent real-time solution, Orga Systems enables operators to offer attractive marketing campaigns or react to competitors’ moves within hours.


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