Bewerbung CAST-Workshop "Mobile Security for Intelligent Cars" am 01.07.2010

Moderation: Olaf Henniger, Fraunhofer SIT
(PresseBox) (Darmstadt, ) The emerging applications of vehicletovehicle and vehicletoinfrastructure communication herald a new era of traffic safety and intelligent traffic management. Yet, in order to prevent attacks on the vehicular communication, new IT security requirements need to be considered. Secure communication among vehicles and between vehicles and infrastructure must be based on secure automotive onboard electronics networks.

To provide a secure basis for vehicular communication, the European research project EVITA (E-Safety Vehicle Intrusion Protected Applications) designs, verifies, and prototypes security building blocks of automotive onboard networks. The objective of this workshop is to present new project results such as the secure onboard architecture and protocol specifications to the public and to instigate a wider review.

The target audience includes, beside the interested public, also potential users of the EVITA results such as car manufacturers and automotive electronics suppliers. The workshop is jointly organized by CAST and the EVITA consortium.

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