Intensified interest in application-optimised I/O modules

The machine-builders are intensified interested in application-optimised I/O modules this year. This confirms the trend to fine-tuning the control and drive technologies that determines the changes in the automation technology this year.
(PresseBox) (Bochum, Deutschland, ) With 11% each tenth machine-builders intend to change to application-optimised I/O modules this year. That is an increase in relation to the previous year by more than one third as this value was 8%.

What application-optimised I/O modules stand for? They integrate cost-reduced analogue or digital inputs and outputs (I/O) completed by preprocessing; they optimise size, type of protection and wiring method for application; finally they lower assembling times and protect additionally against product piracy.

These application-optimised I/O modules will specifically be implemented at individual selected machine types less with the total machinery series this year. This also confirms the connection with the fine-tuning the automation technology.

At the same time 77% of the change-willing machine-builders will change to application-optimised I/O modules in connection with changes at field buses.

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So the Quest Trend Magazine makes the machine-builders’ decisions easier. Now the machine-builders can compare their intended changes with the trends in their own sector confirming or adjusting their intentions.

The suppliers of automation technology are learning beyond their constituency, which changes in IO-Link the machinery industry as a whole is aiming for this year. This enables the suppliers to meet the demand trends in time and purposefully.

The trends from the users’ point of view are based on market surveys of Quest TechnoMarketing, Bochum, London, with the title “What the machine-builders want to change in the automation technology 2010”. This survey was carried out in January/February and covered scarcely 250 representative machine-builders. Highlight, table of contents and budget of the study are on

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