COHERENT at the LASYS 2010

DIAMOND E 1000 (PresseBox) (Munich, ) From 08th to 10th of June, the international materials processing branch meets at the LASYS 2010 in Stuttgart, Germany. COHERENT presents laser sources and processing samples at its booth F12 in Hall1.

DIAMOND E-1000 - The Smallest 1 kW CO2 Laser Available

The DIAMOND E-1000 is a sealed 1 kW CO2 laser measuring less than 1500 mm x 500 mm x 400 mm - including its integrated power supply - making it the most compact product available at this power level. With its unique design that includes several high performance features, it is ideally suited for use in spacesensitive applications involving cutting, drilling of paper, plastics, glass, carbon composites, and metals. The Diamond E-1000 requires no external gas supply. The only connection to the laser is a power cord, and this lightweight laser can easily mount on to a moving robot arm.

AVIA - Green Laser Optimized for Micromachining

The AVIA 532 is a Q switched, frequency doubled, diodepumped solidstate laser, offering 45W of average power at a wavelength of 532 nm. The patented PermAlign(TM) technology means that our optics never move over time, thus eliminating one of the most common failure mechanisms of all lasers. With a repetition rate of up to 300 kHz, this AVIA laser delivers an excellent combination of high throughput speed and low cost of ownership for applications such as P2 and P3 patterning of thin film solar cells, micromachining of Micro SD card packages, microelectronics package singulation and silicon via drilling.

HighLight 1000F - Fiber-Delivered Direct Diode 1kW System

In a highly reliable design based on closedloop cooling, the HighLight(TM) 1000F offers a flexible, mobile solution for today's industrial applications. The HighLight 1000F is a high brightness system that produces 1 kW of output at 975 nm from a 600 µm core fiber. The primary applications for the HighLight 1000F are welding, cladding and heat treating of a wide range of metals and alloys. The fiber coupling allows the kW power to be delivered directly to the work piece - either 180° around a part or at angles. The laser system can even be placed up to 50 meters from the application. The compact design makes the HighLight 1000F ideal for robotic applications.

MATRIX - DPSS UV Laser for High-Throughput Applications

The MATRIX(TM) laser is an ultraviolet model optimized to produce 1.5 Watts at a high repetition rate of 70 kHz, in order to support highthroughput applications. These lasers utilize Coherent's unique PermAlign(TM) (soldered) component mounting technology, robotic assembly methods and proven, longlived components such as Aluminum Free Active Area (AAA(TM) ) pump diodes. This, along with our unique multipass harmonics generation technology, results in long laser lifetime and the industry's lowest pulsetopulse noise (typically <2% rms). MATRIX 355-1.5.70 is ideally suited for stereolithography, enabling the step from rapid prototyping to rapid manufacturing, as well as for scribing sapphire substrates in GaN/InGaN based LED production. Other applications include thin film processing, memory repair, cold marking and semiconductor scribing.


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