Schmid wins Intersolar Award for Laser Transfer Printer

The LTP Laser Transfer Printer 1500 from Schmid (PresseBox) (Freudenstadt, ) The LTP Laser Transfer Printer 1500 from Schmid was awarded the international technology prize "Intersolar AWARD" in the category "PV Production Technology" at the Intersolar Europe exhibition in Munich. The prize was presented to Schmid along with two other companies competing in the same category, in an official ceremony. It was the innovative concept of the LTP, the contactfree metallisation of solar cells, which impressed the three independent juries comprising experts from the fields of research, science, industry and the trade press. The second product entered by Schmid for nomination of the Intersolar AWARD, "Selective Emitter Technology" came under the first 10 best products.

For the first time not only exhibitors of the Intersolar Europe, but also exhibitors of the Intersolar North America were able to contend for the Intersolar AWARD. The number of contestants thus grew to 2,300 companies. A total of nine exhibitors competing in three different categories (Photovoltaics, Solar Thermal Technology and PV Production Technology) were awarded prizes for their product concepts. Dr. Christian Buchner, CEO of Schmid Technology GmbH, proudly accepted the Intersolar AWARD 2010 for den LTP 1500 with the following words "This prize is a wonderful reward for the huge amount of investment and effort which has been put into our innovations".

The award winning metallisation technology by Schmid was largely due to three decisive factors: contactfree printing of the solar cells, the complete lack of pastes containing solvents and the simplification of the drying process.

With a throughput of 1500 wafers/hour a fine laser beam writes any layout onto the surface of the wafer with standard metal pastes. Previous screen printing methods have thus been fully superseded. Due to the rearside metallisation in wetinwet technology, one of the drying processes can be omitted completely.

Schmid was also successful with their product "Selective Emitter Technology" being the only firm to win a prize with a selective emitter technology. Thus two of their products made it under the ten best entries. Schmid sees the award as the confirmation of a very great market success with their Selective Emitter Technology. To win the Intersolar AWARD 2010 was for Schmid the crowning finish of an altogether very successful exhibition with a high visitor response.


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