Download of classical pieces’ sheet music and folk songs for free

(PresseBox) (Handorf, ) Lugert publishing house, which also offers the notation software “forte”, can supply free downloads of sheet music for many different pieces on its website. Whether classical pieces, folk songs or Christmas carols, the range is consistently growing. Users are able to select between many different composers and to have a first-hand look at the exemplary results of “forte”.

“We make an effort to enlarge the offer continously,” explains Sebastian Lugert, the person responsible for “forte” at Lugert publishing house, “because we have music at heart, and we want to give everybody the opportunity to make music without spending a lot of money.” This allocation of free sheet music is not time-limited, a fact which underscores Lugert publishing house’s commitment to musical advancement. The offer will be enlarged continously with international pieces, so the user will be able to find “Whiskey in the Jar” or “Amazing Grace”, among other quality offerings.

Sheet music has been created with “forte“ music notation software, which is also available as a free download at the publishing house’s website; so potential “forte” users are able to have a look at the possible results of their own efforts.

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