Inspect Before You Connect : JDSU Integrates Essential Fiber Tools in the New HP2 Series Fiber Inspection & Test System

The HP2 Series is the latest system from JDSU that integrates the most essential fiber tools into a single system that cuts test time in half to achieve better network performance.
New HP2 Series Fiber Inspection & Test System : The industry’s only solution for inspecting and testing fiber networks with one device (PresseBox) (Wessling, ) The HP2, derived from the popular HD2 series, features a high resolution 3.5” display for inspecting fiber endfaces and a built-in optical power meter for quick, easy, and accurate field measurements.

The HP2 equips technicians to work smarter and faster with a tool that promotes best practices in an efficient workflow. Doing things right the first time protects the network investment by preventing costly mistakes that could occur later on.

• Promotes best practices in fiber handling by combining inspection and testing into
one device
• Integrated functions & feature improve workflow by eliminating need to switch from
one device to another
• Significantly reduce total inspection and test time for superior workflow efficiency
• Reduces the number of tools and accessories you carry and manage
• Inspect the bulkhead with the probe and the patch cord with the integrated PCM
Contamination is the #1 reason for troubleshooting in optical networks. Dirt is everywhere, and a single particle mated into the core of a fiber can cause significant back reflection, insertion loss, and equipment damage.
Most field test failures can be attributed to dirty connectors, and most connectors are not inspected until the detection of a problem, after the result of permanent damage. More than ever, proactive fiber inspection and cleaning have become network-critical measures that must be addressed.
Visual fiber inspection is the only way to determine if connectors are truly clean before they are mated. With inspection and cleaning solutions that address the needs of fiber component and system manufacturers, communication service providers, premises network managers, and military and aerospace industries, JDSU provides the most complete product portfolio for inspecting and cleaning fiber optic connectors. Explore these resources to see firsthand how a proactive “Inspect Before You Connect” program with JDSU Westover inspection and cleaning tools can speed deployment, reduce downtime, optimize signal performance, and protect network components from damage.


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